2016 saw Godrej DesignLab in its second year and the response was overwhelming! The entries we received were nothing short of exceptional and it was a grueling process to select the creative best. The designs were gauged on the basis of the innovation itself and also its potential to be manufactured. Each design was personally vetted by our mentors till we narrowed down on our final 8.

From first drafts to finishing touches, GDL collaborated with these designers to bring to life some extra-ordinary creations! Have a look-see at their “magnum opuses”.


Designed by Anindya Das Gupta for Godrej DesignLab

Light acts as a linchpin when it comes to creating an ambience. Anindya chose to play around with this unique quality in his design – the BUOY Lamp. Inspired by the buoys in water, the light is suspended in a casing and can be moved to alter the mood of any interior space. Talk about putting the “mood” in mood lighting!

Anindya Das Gupta

With an inherent artistic background, Anindya is a natural for all things creative! A graduate of Architecture with a diploma in Industrial Design from NID, this designer follows a holistic approach in his design thinking and the kind of work he’s done.

Kinderwagen Set

Designed by Hriday Gami for Godrej DesignLab

Gami found his inspiration in Kindergarten, by observing the way children behave and occupy a space. He wanted to erase the idea of giving children scaled-down versions of adult furniture and instead create something more playful and child-friendly. It’s safe to say though, developing the Kinderwagen was no child’s play!

Hriday Gami

Hriday’s time in Finland, Mumbai, Kerala and Gujarat has shaped the way he perceives design. He has a knack of adding an element of fun to all his creations, as he did with the Kinderwagen. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Industrial Design, Gami is bound to carve a niche for himself!

Frozen Motion

Designed by Rooshad Shroff for Godrej DesignLab

Rooshad was “moved”, almost seduced by the movement of ink in water. In an attempt to capture the sheer beauty of motion itself, he conceptualized Frozen Motion. What followed were a series of pieces including two chairs and a side table that exude transparency and minimalism.

Rooshad Shroff

Second time finalist at Godrej DesignLab, Rooshad has a soft side for material exploration. With the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University being his Alma Mater, he has had the honour of working with the likes of Zaha Hadid and Inaki Abalos. No doubt his classy and contemporary style has the architectural greats to thank!


Designed by Deepak Jawahar for Godrej DesignLab

“Sit on it, sleep on it, jump on it!” Deepak urges you to interact with his creation and watch how it responds. Furniture, for him, is more than just utilitarian. In an attempt to give it more meaning, Deepak devised PRESS - a seating unit that moulds itself as per the person sitting on it, to give a tailor-made level of comfort and a fresh look each time!

Deepak Jawahar

Having done his Masters from a renowned Art and Architecture school in Germany, Deepak believes in “learning through exploration”. It is this wanderer in him that has taken him across Europe, Middle East, Asia and India. The globe-trotting has translated into some unique, culturally-inspired ideas and helped him explore new realms of design.

A Fresh Seater

Designed by Aziz Kachwalla for Godrej DesignLab

Bulky, cushioned sofas are passé in the cramped up urban apartments we live in today. That’s the insight Aziz delved into on his journey through design. A Fresh Seater is an ergonomic genius that serves as a two-seater but can also be deconstructed to form separate armchairs. His love for contrast emanates through his designs, with the Chair being part metal and part cane and the C Lamp being a union of ‘rugged’ and ‘delicate’.

Aziz Kachwalla

Kachwalla is no newbie to the design industry; he’s been here 25 years! But he started off on a different note, as an engineering student at IIT, Mumbai. The books on design, art and architecture in the in-house library were to his technical education a fatal attraction and Aziz soon emerged as an auto-didact designer!

Peggi Light

Designed by Cyrus Patell for Godrej DesignLab

Don’t get fooled by its slender frame! The Peggi Light is full to the brim with functional design. Inspired by the office peg-board system, Cyrus was awestruck by how something so simple could possess limitless potential. He translated this into a lamp with adjustable lights, multiple directions and a palette’s worth of colours!

Cyrus Patell

The detail and conceptually driven Cyrus is a practicing architect with his own studio in Bangalore – CollectiveProject. They label themselves as progressive, open and fluid – drawing inspiration from site, culture, environment and technology. Patell entered Godrej DesignLab with 10 years worth of experience in the industry and a lot to offer.

ALCrochet Table

Designed by Saket Sethi for Godrej DesignLab

How do you create a fabric that stands? That’s the challenge Saket took up while creating the ALCrochet Table. Using cutting-edge tech to back up his fanciful ideas, Sethi created an entirely fabric-based table with a 3D printer. The multifunctional legs, which can hold commonplace items, are essentially stretched from the ‘main fabric’ of the table itself, making it a fluid, continuous whole.

Saket Sethi

Having studied Digital Design, Interior Design and Architecture, Saket is well-versed in the field of design. There’s no doubt he evolved with a greater understanding of space and material usage which comes forth beautifully in his Godrej DesignLab creation.


Designed by Ranjan Bordoloi for Godrej DesignLab

Ranjan found a muse for design in his dinner-table mushrooms. He added to that his knowledge of textile that he picked up from his mother and viola! The one-of-a-kind Kaathfula Chair was conceptualized. Made from individual layers of foam, upholstered separately, it is joined together to create the Kaathfula.

Ranjan Bordoloi

Growing up in a community thriving off handicraft and handloom, Ranjan developed a soft-corner for traditional craftsmanship and sustainable design. After graduating from IIT Guwahati in Industrial Design, he has been practicing design feverently.