The first ever Godrej DesignLab in 2015 received a plethora of entries. It was humbling to find so many with a design dream alive and kicking! Of these, we identified the ones that stood out in terms of creativity and manufacturability. The short-listed designers, in collaboration with the mentors, honed their concepts to perfection.

The 8 hand-picked entries were the Iktar Stool by Sujay Das, Chair 01 by Rooshad Shroff, The Retyrement Plan by Anu Tandon Vieira, Wall Plates & White Goods Skin by Nida Mahmood, String Table &
 Alhazen LED Task Lamp by Saif Faizal, KVIKK Wall Shelf by Lavanya Asthana & Harpreet Padam, the Pebble Chair by Sarthak & Sahil and the NYPD Roadblock Bench by Ishan Khosla.

Here's a closer look at four of our design maestros!

Chair 01
Designed by Rooshad Shroff for Godrej DesignLab

The chair Shroff has devised was conceptualised from a single sheet of material. This form essentially originated from the idea of Origami and folded plates.
The challenge was to maintain the thinness of the chair and yet maintain the firmness of the folds to enhance the rigidity, and create some form of design motion, that gives it a unique contour.

Rooshad Shroff

Shroff received his undergraduate degree in Architecture at Cornell University and has ever since proved his talent by picking the most cherished awards. He has worked with acclaimed architects like Inaki Abalos and Zaha Hadid. In India he has evolved a look that’s not crafty, but contemporary.

The Retyrement Plan
Designed by Anu Tandon Vieira for Godrej DesignLab

The Retyrement Plan from Vieira is a range of occasional furniture pieces using discarded tyres of all shapes and sizes, woven over with ropes in shimmering plastic waste. Discarded tyres are ten times less expensive, than any other material used for furniture, and they are extremely tough and hardy. They take millions of years to disintegrate, and can be used in any space.

Anu Tandon Vieira

Anu is a graduate in Sculpture, with a Post Graduate degree in textiles from National Institute of Design (NID). She is passionate about designing sustainable, comfortable and exquisitely hand-crafted furniture by re-purposing material waste from urban jungles.

String Table &
 Alhazen LED Task Lamp
Designed by Saif Faizal for Godrej DesignLab

The String Table is an exploration of the concept of doing most for the least. The heart of this design is a single thread that holds it all together, highlighting the significance of this otherwise insignificant material as an integral part of both the construction and aesthetic nature of the design.

The unusual quality of the Alhazen LED Task Lamp is the use of wood as a material, to give it a high tech, sleek, structurally dynamic look. Its clean three-dimensional geometry of the base loop and the acrylic LED tube make it almost inconspicuous. The lamp is also very light, and can be moved around with ease.

Saif Faizal

Faizal is an interdisciplinary industrial designer from Bangalore. He completed his training as an Architect from RV School of Architecture in 2011. His designs are sensitive to ecology, energy and the environment. His work has been exhibited at 100% Design, London, and also been nominated for several international awards.

KVIKK Wall Shelf
Designed by Lavanya & Harpreet for Godrej DesignLab

For the SLOT shelf, the objective was to strip the product of all unnecessary hardware. The result was a flat-pack shelf that from within, formed its own structure.
The KVIKK Wall Shelf is an interesting product right from its installation process as it employs the use of only two screws. The user builds it and is free to decide on combinations of its function as a mirror, shelf and a set of hooks.

Lavanya Asthana & Harpreet Padam

Asthana is a graphic designer from NID and Padam is a lifestyle and fashion accessory designer from NIFT. They work together to offer specialised multidisciplinary design solutions.
Their studio recently exhibited some of their latest accessories and furniture at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.